Have You Read These Bookstagram Recommended Trending Books Yet?

Social media has become the way through which people share their thoughts, opinions, and media that they like or dislike. It is like a web of information from where one can find anything and everything. Be it for cooking, music, painting, books, or even law-related information – it’s all available on the mighty internet and social platforms.

Social media stars and influencers have found their niche in their chosen fields. Top influencers come from the fashion and lifestyle category, but there are also many for whatever you are interested in. And this is where social media readers come in. The “bookstagrammers” on “bookstagram,” if you will.

Looking down an aisle in a bookstore between two bookshelves with many new releases on both sides and more books on another bookshelf at the end of the aisle

Bookstagram is a co-joined word containing books and Instagram. It is the part of the web that enthusiastically embraces anything and everything fiction (or nonfiction!) related. These bookstagrammers give recommendations, passionate opinions, and engaging reviews with their never-ending and ultra-aesthetically pleasing book piles. They have the power to sway a reader’s next story.

This field is becoming increasingly popular, and authors have realized the power these bloggers hold. They are given in-demand ARCs, hold live streams, and make their book covers insanely adorable to look at.

Let us see some of the currently trending books recommended by bookstagrammers.

1. Verity by Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover is quite the rave on Instagram. With emotionally damaging stories that will make you ugly cry forever, and sweet as-heck romances, her books deserve the intense hype they get all over social media.

Verity is a romantic thriller with bone-chilling twists and unexpected turns. Struggling writer Lowen is hired by Jeremy Crawford to finish his wife Verity’s incomplete books after she falls into a comatose state. As the project begins, she starts to experience strange and spooky occurrences. And as Lowen debates revealing what she ultimately discovers to Jeremy, her feelings for him intensify.

An absolutely gripping read, bookstagrammers are raving over this book. So much so that a collector’s gold hardcover edition is soon to be launched. Well, that just tells you about it, doesn’t it?

2. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Looking for something that rendered the bookstagram crowd speechless? Well, Taylor Jenkin Reid’s fascinating story about legendary Hollywood star Evelyn Hugo will surely keep you occupied in the best way. Silently.

When reclusive star Evelyn Hugo decides to open up about her famous life and what went on during her years as a superstar, she hires a nobody reporter Monique Grant for the job. Monique, who is struggling in her own life both professionally and personally, is confused about the job. But as she starts interviewing and recounting Evelyn’s life, both their tales intersect irreversibly.

Within an elegant cover lies a story of ambition, heartbreak, and love. With over 4.48 stars on Goodreads, this book is totally worth the hype.

3. Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas

The contemporary new adult romance book Punk 57 is a tricky little thing. Not little in its length of course. With a spunky cover, this Penelope Douglas book looks like a dystopian or apocalyptic survival drama…that is until you read it.

Misha and Ryen have been pen pals since fifth grade. They are from different schools and don’t know what the other looks like, their phone numbers, or social media accounts – rules they made and strictly adhere to. However, this doesn’t stop them from forming a strong bond through words and letters. They anchor each other. Until Misha accidentally comes across Ryen’s profile, and he goes AWOL.

A suspenseful romance with wit, connecting bonds and revelations, it’s been recommended all over bookstagram. Check it out if you love a problematic lovers trope.

4. The Deal by Elle Kennedy

Okay, here comes the series (and the book) bookstagrammers are salivating over. This is the first installment of the Off Campus series, a collection of novels where Elle Kennedy weaves one of the most popular sports romances of the current times.

Hannah Wells might be confident, but she is shy when it comes to seduction and love. And she’d have to go out of her comfort zone to make her crush notice her. Hence why she agrees to tutor the arrogant and cocky Garrett Graham, hockey player extraordinaire, in exchange for a pretend date. But when a kiss mixes up the plans, can they sort it out? Or does it propel a different, but better, romantic ending?

With sparkling reviews, 4.29 stars on Goodreads, and a fantastic cover, The Deal is a great start to a to-die-for continual series. Oh, and who can forget the detailed descriptions sports romances are famous for? Wink.

These highly trending bookstagram recommended books are worth the hype for the majority of readers. They have romance, suspense, an intriguing plot line, and delightful covers. All the makings of an excellent story!