You’re Invited To These Marriage of Convenience Romance Books

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Imagine being pestered by your parents to get married to “that boy who has this and that” when you’re not interested. Or imagine you’re being denied your inheritance until you settle down. What do you do in that scenario? If you go by romance book protagonists, you set up a fake marriage of convenience.

These books usually involve a protagonist who, for some reason or another, must get married. They may ask a stranger, a colleague, or an enemy to play their spouse. Hijinks ensue, and romance blossoms as they scramble to sell the act.

Well, nothing is as simple as that in a romance book. There’s drama, blow-out arguments, and life-changing misunderstandings. Here are some great fake marriage reads to help you see if it’s worth it. Just kidding!

1. The Cowboy’s Fake Marriage by Bree Livingston

In this sweet cowboy romance, the newly unemployed Grace Maddox finds herself at a rundown ranch bed and breakfast. Her life is nothing but doom and gloom except for the one silver lining-the owner of the ranch house. And she impulsively jumps at an opportunity to save him.

Jackson Bellamy is beyond stressed. But to his surprise, when his ex threatens to forfeit the ranch house, his beautiful guest steps in and announces their (fake) engagement. Together they have three months to save the home. And fall in love.

2. Playing Pretend by Cassie-Ann L. Miller

Grumpy sunshine mixed with a marriage of convenience? Well, you got it right here in Playing Pretend by Cassie-Ann L. Miller. This book is the second in the Players of Sin Valley series and features Liam and Eliza.

Liam is a self-made real estate developer, and Eliza is his assistant. When a judgmental client tries to sabotage the deal by bringing their relationship into question, they have no choice but to fake a committed romance. As the lines between pretend and reality quickly fade, will they be able to save their hearts?

3. Accidentally Married by Victorine E. Lieske

This novel is a humorous tale of revenge, lies, and a marriage of convenience. Accidentally Married is the first book of the Marriage series by Victorine E. Lieske. Madison Nichols is an aspiring actress. Broke and in need of a job, she puts her dreams on hold and accepts the first open role.

But a misunderstanding puts her and CEO Jared Jameson in an awkward position. She is to act as his fake girlfriend. And to get back at him, she announces to his family that they are engaged. Full of twists and turns, this book is sure to make you laugh out loud.

4. The Accidental Wife by Shayla Hart

A billionaire CEO fake marriage romance, this book by Shayla Hart is beloved by readers on Goodreads. When billionaire Tristan Cole goes on a night out, he sees the most beautiful woman on the planet. He has sworn off relationships, but he can’t seem to stay away from her.

On the other hand, Shayla is a relationship girl. But an impulsive decision to have fun leaves her in bed with a stranger, his ring on her finger, and their names on a marriage certificate. This book is the perfect love story for the more emotional readers.

5. Dare to Love My Fake Husband by Ellie Hall

Married to his best friend’s hot mess sister to save his family from financial trouble, Dean is unsure of his life. But he loves his family, and the last thing he wants is for their business to go under.

Blakely’s reputation is on the verge of collapsing. When her mother proposes a marriage of convenience to save it, she takes the offer.

Dean and Blakely are sent off to the countryside to be a “happy family.” Distracted by a leaky roof, some sneaky possum, and a mushroom farm, the fake couple’s relationship develops. But when Blakely discovers a secret from Dean’s past, can she still love him?

A fake marriage might save our protagonists from family nagging and financial crises. But it will also create addicting drama that is well worth the read. We hope our list added some new books to your TBR!