The Best Book Reading Apps To Use If You Don’t Have An E-Reader

Animated picture of a woman reading a book while sitting on a stack of books next to a enlarged smart phone image referencing an e-library

Ever want to devour a book but don’t want to hold a hefty hardcover?

Fear not, fellow readers. We are here to help! Smartphones can be used to read any book you like anywhere you go! Download your favorite books in your reading app, and dive into unforgettable stories.

Below are our favorite reading apps!

1. Amazon Kindle

Image: Amazon

Kicking off the list is the most versatile and widely available reading app. Kindles are eBook readers with ink-based screen technology, but they also have a smartphone app that connects to your Amazon account.

It offers a seamless experience with over 1.5 million books to choose from. Buy a book from Amazon, and it will reach your application immediately. And with the Audible collaboration, you can listen to some great books. A separate subscription might be required for this feature.

The app is free on both the Android and App Store.

2. Google Play Books

Image: Google

Another convenient reading app is Google Play Books. With no monthly subscription required, you can download from a vast catalog of eBooks, audiobooks, and comics. All you need to pay for is the actual novel.

With personalized recommendations and fantastic deals, Google Play Books is a wonderful app if you’re looking to read digitally. It packs in reading modes, tones, and text-changing options for the optimal user experience.

Colorful and interactive, it works on both Android and Apple devices.

3. Kobo

Another wonderful and popular brand for digital reading is Kobo. Just like Kindle and Play Books, this app packs in multiple features to create a smooth and immersive experience.

Image: Kobo

With over six million titles to choose from, Kobo offers a variety of books, so you’ll never run out. It has a built-in dictionary and note-taking feature. What’s more, the Kobo app syncs perfectly to any device you’re using.

It is available on Android and Apple devices, as well as desktops.

4. Aldiko

Image: TestingCatalogue

Aldiko offers a place for readers to import their PDFs, EPUB, and CBZ files for an improved reading experience. You can buy books through the app, and you can use it to borrow from the public library.

With fully supported dark mode, highlight and annotating support, and organized shelving, this app will become your personalized library.

Aldiko is available to Android and Apple users.

5. Wattpad

Image: Google Play

Wattpad is the perfect place for readers and writers. With a 90 million-plus user community, Wattpad recommends stories from a variety of genres by various authors. The app is known for its dedication to fanfiction.

Anyone can become a Wattpad author! Write your story and (hopefully) watch people love it. The app has been the beginning for lots of successful writers. Anna Todd’s After series, a Harry Styles fanfiction, started on the platform and has since been adapted into beloved Netflix movies.

The app is available on both Android and Apple devices.

6. Apple Books

Image: Apple

This is the best book-reading app if you’re a diehard Apple user. You can jump into your favorite story, organize your library, and set goals in this reader heaven.

Apple Books can sync to your other Apple devices like Macs, iPads, and even older generation iPods. However, the only drawback is the limited availability. It is an Apple-exclusive app. Sorry, Android users.

If you are a diehard Apple user, go for it!

As readers, we know how important it is to always have access to your next story. But always carrying a physical book is inconvenient. That’s where the best book reading apps can help. We always have our phones with us. Why not use them as a reading device?