Fantastic Book Box Sets To Binge Read When You Have The Time

Stacks of books in random groupings either on their back cover or on their spine with only page edges showing

People absolutely love to binge-watch their favorite TV show in one sitting on Netflix and Amazon Prime, staying up all night and maybe even into the wee hours of the morning. But similarly, bibliophiles love a chance to get their hands on some binge-reading material themselves.

Book box sets are made for binge-reading. Like a favorite Hulu original, each book details different characters within the same world or continues with the main characters and arc. Box sets come from trilogies, long series, and even cliffhanger-free novels, as well as spin-offs.

From mythology to thriller, romance to chick-lit, every type of novel can be found in small, medium, and big box sets. Let’s move on and browse some binge-worthy sets to keep you up until sunrise. Beware: recommendations may cause dark, prominent eye bags.

1. The Husband Maker Collection by Karey White

This collection consists of three books from The Husband Maker series by Karey White. It includes The Husband Maker, The Match Maker and The Wife Maker. The story follows the life of Charlotte, a young woman nicknamed as ‘the husband maker’ by her friends and peers.

The nickname originates from the fact that every guy she dates, and breaks up with, goes on to marry his very next girlfriend. Sometimes within a couple of months. She’s losing hope to find true love, and as a last-ditch strategy, Charlotte and her friend Agnus go on break-up therapy sessions and stuff themselves up. With food.

Take part with Charlotte and her journey to find love and happiness in this sweet and clean romance.

2. Wild Irish Boxed Set by Mari Carr

Author of amazing erotic romances, with a sweet and totally lovable storyline, the Wild Irish boxed set consists of four books, including Come Monday, Ruby Tuesday, Waiting for Wednesday, and Sweet Thursday. Each installment follows an individual storyline with different but related characters.

This collection has made the Collins’ one of the most beloved families in erotic romance. With sweet characters, sibling rivalry, and the love of their lives, it is truly a joy to read. The series starts with the life of Keira Collins, whose story introduces the focus of subsequent works.

Get the go-ahead on the family’s story in this amazing romance set.

3. Gentry Boys by Cora Brent

The Gentry boys are considered as nothing but trash in their town. Rough, depraved but utterly handsome, these boys have had to live with their unflattering reputation. Until they find the women that capture their hearts. Who shows the real side of the Gentry boys behind their tough exterior.

This set tells the story of the Gentry triplets and their cousins in Draw, Risk, Game, and Fall. Cord, Chase, Creed, and Delcan face the demons of their past and their insecurities while pursuing and falling hard for the woman who’s enchanted them.

Although the series contains high spice and steam, along with some violent scenes, the story is wholesome at its core and a heartwarming read. Experience this tale of love and transformation written by Cora Brent.

4. Some Lucky Woman by Carmen DeSouza

Some Lucky Woman is not a typical box set. The story, which starts in Book 0.5 in What’s Luck Got To Do With It, has three parts, each revolving around the different phases of the protagonist’s life.

Jana Embers, who one day discovers her husband cheating on her, sets out to find herself and inspire other women to do the same. She pens a book, You Don’t Need a Man and becomes a bestselling author. Soon, Jana’s life turns upside down and her only hope is Dr. Adrian Kijek, who she thinks hates her.

Find out what happens next by reading this witty and romantic book compilation.

5. The Sinful Series by Emma Nichols

The Sinful Series is three books of wonderful, erotic and heart touching romance. It includes Sin at Sea, Vixen in Vegas and Heaven in Hedonism. The story follows best friends Alysin and Jolie as they embark on a spontaneous cruise and all that follows after it.

While Alysin meets a guy who challenges her strict rules about men, she refuses to exchange numbers and contacts. On the other hand, Jolie is forced to question her sexuality and venture into a journey of self-discovery.

Will Alysin and Jolie move past the demons that haunt them? And will they have a chance at true love? Read this addictive series to find out!

They say love comes in leaps and bounds, but most of the time, we need to take a leap of faith to reach those bounds. These romance book box sets will fulfill you with a sense of desire and satisfaction, so don’t miss out!