A Pawsome List Of Romance Novels With Animals And Your Furry Friends

Pet animals are the cutest companions a person can have, of the non-human variety. They are fluffy, cuddly, give you unconditional love and support, and most of all, are loyal. Caring for these lovable creatures can take up a lot of time and effort, but honestly, they are beyond worth it.

Pets come in many forms. While dogs are the most beloved pets around the world, self-maintaining and highly sophisticated cats are preferred too. People keep birds, parrots, rabbits, hamsters, and even extreme animals as pets. Surely you must’ve heard of those that keep jaguars, alligators, and snakes…no?

Yellow couch with a gray cat sitting on it and a German Shepherd sitting in front of it and a laptop and stack of books in the foreground

Coming back to books now. Romance novels themselves are fuzzy, cozy, and wholesome. You can only guess what will happen when two adorable elements combine. Romance and pets become a perfect combo for a lovely novel.

Let us now take a look at the list of pawsomely awesome romance novels sure to make you adopt a pet, if you don’t already have one. Or maybe add a few more to your already-fury household.

1. Chez Stinky by Susan C. Daffron

Kat Stevens has a boring life, with insecurities and a terrible boss. Her only saving grace is the cat she loves more than anything. So, it comes as a surprise to her when she inherits her great-aunt Abigail’s Alpine Grove home.

What comes along with the in-need-of-upkeep house? A hoard of pets. Four dogs and five cats which Abigail has tasked Kate with taking care of. She meets the techie, Joel, however, and the two form a sweet bond. But will the tranquil life of Alpine Grove be enough for Kat? Will the animal and romance drama save her from a dull existence?

Book one of the Alpine Grove Romantic Comedy series, this is a total feast for you if you love lots of furry animals and want to see how they help the protagonists find love.

2. Falling for the Underdog by Casey Griffin

Addison runs a dog grooming business, is out to find Mr. Perfect, and is set to launch her dog-centric fashion line. However, things (and her reputation) take a turn for the worst. And her romantic fantasies, as she is stuck between two fantastic men.

The storyline is absolutely pawsome. She and handsome bartender Felix investigate the disappearance of show dogs. Unfortunately, every owner thinks she is at fault, which derails her business. Can the dogs be rescued, and can Addison finally meet her match?

Packed with drama, slow burn, spontaneous romance, sleuthing around, and adorable pets and their owners, each engaging chapter reveals something new. The book is the second of the Rescue the Dogs series.

3. Atticus by Sawyer Bennett

Ever dreamed of a dog turning your life around for the better? Giving you advice, support, and improving your existence. Teaching you to love yourself and others? That’s what happened with Hazel Roundtree when she undertook a dog under her care after a night of drunken stupor.

Hazel was at her lowest and filled with insecurities when she came across a desperate, filth-covered pup on the sidewalk. She didn’t know the puppy would grow to be the worst-behaved dog but on the planet. Still, the furry friend helps her find herself again.

Extremely adorable, lovable, and emotional, this book captivated readers with the sweet bond between a pet and its human.

4. Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts by Lucy Dillon

A heartfelt and touching novel in our list, Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts by Lucy Dillon introduces what it’s like being heartbroken. How while we’re rescuing something else, it can help us rescue ourselves.

After a bad year, Rachel inherits her late aunt’s house, her beloved dog, and a kennel full of rescues. To say that she has zero knowledge of the animals would be an understatement. But she is up for the task. And as she starts finding homes for these dogs, she feels at peace.

The story is about how everything can seem wrong but can be so right if just looked at from a different perspective. A sweet read with love, friendship, and of course, dogs. Lots and lots of them.

5. Never Fall for Your Back-up Guy by Kate O’Keeffe

A Laugh out loud romantic read, Never Fall for Your Back-up Guy is the first Book of the It’s Complicated series. As a romantic comedy, this book revolves around Zara Huntington Ross.

Zara is dealing with the threat of her biological clock. At 28, she’s single. As a fallback plan, she proposes to her friend Asher McMillan that if they’re not married by 30, they’ll wed each other.

Along with the love in the book, we see many memorable incidents after Zara fulfills her desire and buys a sweet and adorable Jack Russell. His antics and troubles are hilarious! A quick, wonderful book!

We hope you loved this sweet pet-oriented compilation of romance novels with animals. They are lovely companions, and they help many people in so many ways. So to be able to include them in our favorite genre just puts the icing on the cake!

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