Amazing Christian Romance Novels To Read of Love and Faith

The silhouette of a man and woman standing in a field with the sun setting behind them and light in the shape of a cross between them

Christian fiction revolves around faith, and each novel strives to encourage the readers’ connection with God. While earlier Christain novels delved more into the history and specifics of the religion, recent books merely center around a devoted character and the struggles they face.

Christian romance novels combine love and faith. The courtship, relationship, and any struggle the couple face revolves around their conviction in God. These novels don’t actively exclude mentions of sex and violence, but they are only added when it’s necessary.

Christian authors use their writing to promote values and lessons for the religious-minded. If this sounds like you, here are our recommendations!

1. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

A riveting tale of unconditional love, Redeeming Love follows the story of Angel in California’s 1850 gold rush. Sold to be a prostitute as a child, Angel is bitter and harbors hatred for every man that ever touched her. She refuses to let the anger go.

That is until she meets Michael Hosea, a man who sees God in everything. The two marry. He loves her unconditionally. As Angel begins to release her resentment, insecurity creeps in, and she runs away. Will she be able to accept affection, or will she be left alone in the world?

2. The Water Keeper by Charles Martin

Murphy lives alone on an island. He takes care of a church with no parishioners and spends his time rescuing others. But Murphy is more lost than he realizes. When he pulls Summer from the water, he finds purpose in helping her find her daughter.

Murphey gets unexpected help from an ex-convict, Clay. Will he be able to reunite the mother and daughter and escape his past?

3. When Calls the Heart by Janette Oke

The first book of the Canadian West series, When Calls the Heart, is a sweet and tumultuous love story. Elizabeth faces numerous hardships when she moves to the Canadian frontier from the East Coast.

She finds more than she expected in her new home. Elizabeth starts to fall for Wynn, the handsome Royal Canadian Mounted Force member. Her heart is afraid to love, but their feelings are harder to ignore.

4. Topaz Heat by Hallee Bridgeman

Derrick and Sarah come from different backgrounds. When they meet for the first time, he knows that she is his reason to live. But Sarah dismisses every advance he makes towards her.

While Sarah has no recollection of her past, Derrick’s life takes a turn for the worse when he is wrongly accused of a crime. When he is rescued by a billionaire, they meet again. Will Sarah see past her prejudices and give Derrick a chance? Topaz Heat is the last book of the Jewel series, and worth a read.

5. Save the Date by Jenny B. Jones

Lucy is distraught when the funding she desperately needs for her non-profit is pulled. When she searches for answers, she encounters Alex Sinclair, the primary donor.

Alex is running for Congress but still lacks the votes for his bid. When he sees Lucy, he asks to be his fiancée in return for his money. She hesitantly agrees. Will Lucy and Alex’s fake relationship blossom into something more?

6. Courting Morrow Little by Laura Frantz

Shawnee warriors ripped Morrow Little’s family apart when she was a child, and she is still haunted by it. Now all grown up, Morrow must settle down. Several men wish to make her his wife, but Morrow has eyes for none of them.

The only guy she wants will ruin her reputation. Courting Morrow Little is a beautiful, thought-provoking tale of true love and forgiveness.

Christian romance novels are wholesome and inspiring. We hope you liked our list and found a new book to add to your TBR.