Best Dark Romance Books To Leave You Breathless and Stunned

Dark imagery with some flames in the background and blackened and burning roses in the foreground

Romance is one of the most popular genres. Some of the most beloved authors in this category are Emily Henry, Jenny Han, and Nicholas Sparks. Love stories are generally feel-good books. Audiences want to feel light after reading, and the happily ever after in novels like Beach Read and Book Lovers do this well. There … Read more

Amazing Christian Romance Novels To Read of Love and Faith

The silhouette of a man and woman standing in a field with the sun setting behind them and light in the shape of a cross between them

Christian fiction revolves around faith, and each novel strives to encourage the readers’ connection with God. While earlier Christain novels delved more into the history and specifics of the religion, recent books merely center around a devoted character and the struggles they face. Christian romance novels combine love and faith. The courtship, relationship, and any … Read more

Love Can Happen Anytime In These Time Travel Romance Novels

Open book with two groups of middle pages folded into the shape of a heart and an opened pocket watch showing the time in the foreground

Love is amazing, and it can happen anytime, anywhere. Romance that spans dimensions is like jumping through a magical portal. These time travel romance novels connect two people from totally different periods through a universal glitch or scientific experiment. Whether it’s one traveling backward or the other traveling forwards, complications arise as the characters fall … Read more

Top Rated Paranormal Romance Books To Make You Wonder

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Romance can include almost every type of sub-genre. But have you ever dived into beyond-reality love stories?? Welcome to the world of paranormal romance. This genre highlights speculative worlds. It can include shapeshifters, aliens, extraterrestrials, cyborgs, and robots. Paranormal romances are one of the fastest-growing genres in romance. Technological and scientific discoveries have paved the … Read more

You’re Invited To These Marriage of Convenience Romance Books

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Imagine being pestered by your parents to get married to “that boy who has this and that” when you’re not interested. Or imagine you’re being denied your inheritance until you settle down. What do you do in that scenario? If you go by romance book protagonists, you set up a fake marriage of convenience. These … Read more

Take A Ride With These Alpha Heroes From MC Romance Books

A man and woman kiss next to a motorcycle as the sun sets in the background

Leather jackets, combat shoes, slicked-back hair, bikes, and tattoos. That’s the typical description of a bad-boy alpha hero in Motorcycle Club (MC) romance books. These clubs have bad boys tightly knit from the trauma and demons of their past and would do anything for the people they care about. These books show strength, power, resilience, … Read more

Get Your NSFW Reads Sorted With These Office Romance Books

A man kisses a woman's neck while she leans into him up against a desk in a workplace office

While there are numerous tropes within the romance genre, office love stories have gained immense popularity. They showcase strong, powerful, and wealthy men and women who harness their ruthlessness and turn it around for good. One of the most iconic examples would be the infamous Fifty Shades of Grey. It would be sexist to say … Read more

A Pawsome List Of Romance Novels With Animals And Your Furry Friends

Yellow couch with a gray cat sitting on it and a German Shepherd sitting in front of it and a laptop and stack of books in the foreground

Pet animals are the cutest companions a person can have, of the non-human variety. They are fluffy, cuddly, give you unconditional love and support, and most of all, are loyal. Caring for these lovable creatures can take up a lot of time and effort, but honestly, they are beyond worth it. Pets come in many … Read more

Have You Read These Bookstagram Recommended Trending Books Yet?

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Social media has become the way through which people share their thoughts, opinions, and media that they like or dislike. It is like a web of information from where one can find anything and everything. Be it for cooking, music, painting, books, or even law-related information – it’s all available on the mighty internet and … Read more

Fantastic Book Box Sets To Binge Read When You Have The Time

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People absolutely love to binge-watch their favorite TV show in one sitting on Netflix and Amazon Prime, staying up all night and maybe even into the wee hours of the morning. But similarly, bibliophiles love a chance to get their hands on some binge-reading material themselves. Book box sets are made for binge-reading. Like a … Read more