Your Guide To Billionaire Romance Books Like Fifty Shades Of Grey

You might’ve read it. You might’ve seen it. You might’ve done both. But more than likely there’s no denying that you have heard of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy and the devilishly handsome billionaire Christain Grey at least once.

It topped all the charts and set a record in the United Kingdom as the fastest-selling paperback book of all time. By 2017, the billionaire romance trilogy sold over 150 million copies worldwide! What’s better than that?

The series, detailing the exploits of Grey and Anastasia Steele, has its own on-screen trilogy as well!

Whatever the critical and negative feedback it received, the backlash and banning, the Fifty Shades of Grey installments came as a revolution in the erotic romance genre.

Let’s look at some other books like Fifty Shades of Grey, which you’ll love!

1. The Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day

In this intense version of the Fifty Shades trilogy, meet Gideon Cross and Eva Tramell and their explosive passion.

Although this doesn’t have the sub-genre of BDSM or explicit mention of that, the theme of obsession and abandonment is quite recurring.

The darkly sensual series is divided into 4 parts and is available in ebook and paperback format.

2. The Hotel Series by Lola Darling

The Hotel is an amazing book if you’re looking for a mix of adult, contemporary and erotic fiction all in one, with a hint of sass and wit thrown in.

It comes in a 2 part series and is the less aggressive alternative of the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise (still has the same amount of steam), but packs a similar theme of a billionaire hotelier and his intern.

3. The Sex Sessions Bundle: Uncut and After The Cut by Charisse Spiers

Coming under the umbrella series, The Camera Tales, Sex Sessions follow the story of Maverick Saxton, a rich and popular porn star, and Kimberly Rivers, a virgin, who are taken on by producers to take part in a reality show with the two of them and their explosive chemistry in it.

What could go wrong? Feelings, for starters.

The book treads on the unconventional topic of the porn industry and working there as a means of living beautifully and with confidence. It’s a great book to read if you want steam because you’ll be getting plenty!

4. Coerced: Blackmailed By The Billionaire by Alexx Andria

The first standalone book in the Billionaire Buchanan Romance series, Coerced follows the story of a billionaire (hey hey, remember Christian Grey?) named Sutton Buchanan, who is hell-bent on not loving anyone, and an artist, Elizabeth Downing, whose career is running out of time and who might have no means to support her disabled sister.

But Sutton makes a proposition. To own her body and soul. And here’s where their story begins together. This book will please fans of Fifty Shades of Grey due to the BDSM element in it and a lot of erotica as well.

5. Midnight With The Devil by Emma Castle

Erotic romance and mythology in one? I bet you didn’t think of that.

Like Fifty Shades of Grey, this one also has a billion-(or maybe gazillion)-aire, the fallen angel Lucifer going by the name of Lucien Star. He proposes a bargain with a mortal Diana, whom he wants to possess, for her freedom.

If you love mythology, romance, and the talks of the Fallen, this is a go-to book. Although a standalone book, it’s part of the Unlikely Heroes series.

6. Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard

A much-bought book when looking for the next read after Fifty Shades of Grey, Gabriel’s Inferno is the story of courting, seduction, and redemption.

Well-respected Dante Studies professor Gabriel Emerson enjoys a life of uninhibited pleasure by night. Then comes a new MA grad student, Julia Mitchell, who captivates him from the first look.

What ensues is a sinful 4 part series of love and passion.

7. Up In The Air Series by R.K. Lilley

Another billionaire romance? Definitely!

A billionaire hotelier and a flight attendant lay eyes on each other for the first time on a flight and can’t let go. While Bianca, a strong-willed 23 year old goes weak in the knees, James Cavendish’s dominant pull doesn’t let her go.

While Bianca wrestles her demons, James’ courting helps her anchor. Along with a blast of emotions, thrill, and threat, sin and passion unfold in this 4 part series.

These are just 7 options for other books like Fifty Shades of Grey from the vast list of billionaire romance trope choices.

One thing is certain of course, that this trope is here to stay and flourish.

Whether it is indie authors, well-established ones, or even expert romance writers, this trope has found its way into their writings. And into the hearts of romance readers as well!

I mean what’s not to love?