Go Back To The Future With These Science Fiction Romance Books

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the future? Flying cars, ultra-advanced AI, top-notch medical treatments, and so much more. Science fiction books give us a glimpse of the future from an author’s imagination.

Popularly known as sci-fi or SF, science fiction has given humans insight into what may be possible in five, 20, or 200 years. Authors showcase technological advancements, time travel, inter-universe travel, and extraterrestrial life to appeal to the readers. The concepts mentioned can even become the basis for futuristic inventions. Who knows?

During the Age of Enlightenment, the intellectual movement of 17th and 18th century Europe, many literatures of scientific discoveries emerged. From that point forward, its popularity skyrocketed. H. G. Wells is known as the Shakespeare of Science Fiction. Many of the elements in his nonfiction novels predicted modern-day technologies like airplanes and nuclear weapons.

Let’s look at some amazing sci-fi romance books to read and enjoy.

1. The Lottery by Karpov Kinrade

When an apocalypse strikes Earth, the only way for Azalea Clark to survive is to enter The Lottery and go away with a billionaire the algorithm deems a perfect match. The only problem? He set it up, and Azalea hates all billionaires.

Marek Volkav is on a mission to save everyone. This proves difficult when the woman he’s paired with is a stunning temptation. Will two people find a love worth fighting for in this dystopian adventure?

2. The Kindred by Alechia Dow

Have you ever dreamt of technologies that can access your mind, make connections, and help you harness more? Well, The Kindred by Alecia Dow takes you into the revolutionary kingdom where mind-pairings were adopted.

Joy Abara is a commoner, and Felix Hamdi is the duke. Their lives could not be more different. However, when accusations strike the royal family, Felix is forced to steal and go underground with his Kindred. Will a new environment reveal the secrets and bonds of their Kindred-ness? Read this futuristic novel to find out!

3. The Crossing Gate by Asiel R. Lavie

When society is divided not by race, color, or gender but by age, how do you advance? Through The Crossing Gate, of course! In Asiel Lavie’s novel, Elpax’s kingdom is separated into children, juveniles, and adults. Protagonist Lenora has been trying and failing to cross the gate.

Things take a turn for the worse on her third attempt, and she has to obey the kingdom’s rules to stay away. This is difficult because she met someone who makes her feel new and untapped emotions…and juveniles in Elpax can’t fall in love. The Crossing Gate is the first book in The Waltz of Sin and Fire series.

4. Hyperspeed Dreams by Anna Carven

Is anyone up for some alien-human romance? Hyperspeed Dreams by Anna Carven is book 5 of the Dark Mercenaries series. The hero, Lodan Vorkan, is a ruthless pilot. One of the most feared warriors in the Nine Galaxies, Lodan is ruthless and a perfectionist. And he wishes to avoid troublesome humans.

However, an encounter with human Tasha will have him questioning his values and desires. He mocked his brothers for the Mate Fever, but is he showing its symptoms?

5. The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren James

Lauren James’ 2017 space exploration and technology novel is a unique science fiction book meant for teen audiences. However, the story can be enjoyed by any age. It is set on a spaceship in the future that has been sent to a possibly life-bearing planet with the potential to sustain a new generation.

The Commander is a 16-year-old girl who was born on the ship. Strange, isn’t it? Romy is dealing with her past and insecurities over commanding so young. And when a mysterious text arrives from the sister ship, Romy feels torn on what to believe and who to trust. Can she take charge and thrust the world in a new direction?

Science fiction books are interesting and filled with plenty of subgenres like thriller, mystery, romance, and suspense. They are great to pick up not only to satiate entertainment needs but to also provide cautionary tales about extreme technological advancements.