The Best Places To Read A Book Apart From Your Home

A woman sitting at a table reading a book in front of a bookshelf filled with books

As a bookworm, leaving the comfort of a cozy, warm bed is a daunting task. Especially if you’re in the middle of a good book. But needing a change of scenery is a real thing, and it’s always good to go explore, even if you are an introverted bibliophile. Next time you want to grab a coffee or see some actual humans try out these great reading spots.

1. Parks and Gardens

A common reading spot is public parks and gardens. They’re in beautiful nature and sometimes even give off fantasy world vibes. The greenery, sunlight, singing birds, sweet flowers, soil…it provides perfect relaxation.

Image: Pinterest

Whether it’s on a park bench, near a small pond, or sprawled under a tree, you can get some sunlight and human interaction while diving into a fictional adventure.

2. Cafes and Bakeries

This may be the trendiest place on the list. Whether it’s Starbucks or your favorite local coffee shop, there is nothing like reading in the company of a scrumptious bagel and a tasty cold brew.

Image: The Indian Express

Lots of book clubs even hold discussions in cafes. It’s the perfect spot to grab food and stimulate insightful conversations. Next time your family won’t stop distracting you, head to your local Starbucks and try it out!

3. Trains and Subways

This one is rooted in necessity. People will (probably) not board a train specifically to read, but taking a book on the journey is a great way to liven up the boring commute.

Image: Harper’s Bazaar

Whether it’s a small subway ride or an hours-long journey, a fictional story can make it tolerable. Maybe even exciting. Carry your book everywhere you go. You’ll never know when you’ll need it!

4. University Campus

University campuses are usually pretty big. They have parks, gardens, fountains, and sometimes even lakes. Next time you’re early to class or need a few minutes to wind down, sprawl out under a tree and dive into a good book.

Image: University of Reading

You can also connect with many like-minded individuals at a university. Join book clubs, discussion hours, literary societies, and other activities for readers.

5. Libraries

A library is an obvious choice. Who doesn’t want to read books in a room full of books? Libraries have always been a place of comfort for readers. You have a plethora of genres and stories to choose from.

Image: Buzzfeed

Bookworms are not the only ones who can benefit. Students, researchers, and publishers can use the vast recourses available at a library. These places also hold special visitor events like author book talks, signings, and exchanges. Additionally, libraries are exceptionally quiet. This is perfect for when your book is too good that you need zero distractions.

We hope you found some new reading spots to try out!