Take A Ride With These Alpha Heroes From MC Romance Books

A man and woman kiss next to a motorcycle as the sun sets in the background

Leather jackets, combat shoes, slicked-back hair, bikes, and tattoos. That’s the typical description of a bad-boy alpha hero in Motorcycle Club (MC) romance books. These clubs have bad boys tightly knit from the trauma and demons of their past and would do anything for the people they care about.

These books show strength, power, resilience, and unwavering loyalty. While some books might showcase a heroine from the same hardcore MC background, the women are usually a far cry from that. They’re innocent, unaware of the clubs, and oblivious to the fatal threats. No matter what, they gain strength under the protection of their bad-boy hero.

MC romance books usually come in series, each for a respective member of the club. It keeps the story streamlined and connected and doesn’t leave anyone out. Let’s take a look at some alpha bad boys from clubs that will throttle you up.

1. Storm by Nina Levine

When Madison Cole ran away from her family and the motorcycle club two years ago, she wanted to start over. Addiction and heartbreak ruined her life. But now that same heartbreaker is back to return her to the family.

Jason sacrificed his lover for the club, but being sent back for her brings out the demons, hardships, and passion from the depth of their hearts. This amazing romance is the first book of the Storm MC series.

2. Holding Out by Lila Rose

A sweet story in a steamy romance, Holding Out is the first book of the Hawks Motorcycle Club series. The story revolves around Zara Edgingway, her know-it-all daughter, and the biker neighbor who vies for her affections. But as her past catches up to her, Zara is forced to put romance on hold.

What she doesn’t know is that Talon Marcus, the biker, has developed a protective streak for her and her daughter and will hold nothing back. That is if Zara stops being a stubborn I-don’t-need-help woman.

3. Kingdom’s Reign by Monique Moreau

The first book of The Demon Squad MC, Kingdom’s Reign, is a steamy and emotional read. When biker Kingdom’s patch brother dies, he is left grieving. But a chance encounter while getting a tattoo in his memory makes him hope for more.

Sage has been burned by love. When her fiance cheated on her, she swore off all men. And being an attorney made this decision even more rigid. But even then, she yearns to feel and is attracted to the passion felt between her and Kingdom. Will they both be able to heal each other’s hearts and souls?

4. Nickel by Winter Travers

Karmen has a hard time trusting anyone. She has no one in her life who hasn’t in some way or another hurt her. That is why she’s reluctant to react to the advances of biker Nickel of the Fallen Lords Motorcycle Club.

But Nickel is persistent. He will have Karmen and show her the sides of her that she is too afraid to embrace and look for. With a past filled with traumatic experiences which still rear their ugly head, can Karmen let go of her insecurities and demons for a chance at real love?

5. Throttle by Daphne Loveling

Throttle: A Stepbrother Romance

This one is a bit of a taboo bad boy biker romance. Throttle by Daphne Loveling is a standalone that revolves around a motorcycle club. The heroine, Hadley, is sent away by her father because he doesn’t want her around the MC lifestyle. But when she returns, she gets hot for the last person she ever expected.

Ryker is the VP of Throttle MC and… Hadley’s stepbrother. Try to avoid their attraction, but they can’t keep away from each other. But what happens when their secret relationship is revealed to their father?

6. Jace by Savannah Rylan

Is a night of passion worth starting a war over? Well, if you go by Jace’s philosophy, then yes. When Leti asks him to help save her and her brother who’s been taken by a rival cartel, Jace determines that he’ll do anything for her.

With interesting characters and a whole lot of drug-induced Cartel-MC drama, this book will knock you off. Book one of the Black Hornets MC series continues with characters from the MC and a backdrop of their battle with the Cartel.

We hope you enjoyed this ride with the protective alpha bad boys and their biker gang. This is a fantastic genre to read if you want naughtiness, hotness, and emotional connection all in one. MC romance books have it all!