The Ultimate Book Boyfriend List To Love And Swoon Over

Every reader loves a good book boyfriend. In recent times, there has been an insurgency of hot, likable, and swoon-worthy fictional men we can’t help but love. Book boyfriends refer to the male lead in books whom we imagine to be our imaginary boyfriends. They are usually insanely hot, rich, and dominant.

They are the ideal man. We don’t have to do or say anything. Just their bookish, sweet, and sassy presence is enough. They make us blush and squeal with all the gooey feelings. They embody the qualities we seek in our romantic partners.

They almost always do the right things. After all, they are fictional. But please do not let that stop you from real relationships! These men can provide a blueprint for real-life romance.

Boyfriend and girlfriend in a library hiding a kiss behind a book they are holding in front of their faces

Let’s take a look at the most swoon-worthy book boyfriends.

1. Cormack McGregor from Sugar & Spice

A devilishly handsome CEO? Sign us up! Cormack walks into Harlow’s bakery to make her sign a handover contract, but he leaves by handing over his heart. Cormack is the complete package. Handsome blue eyes, fun-loving energy, a strategic personality, too much money, and insatiable ambition.

Although he hides a small detail about the contract, he doesn’t hide his affection for Harlow. Considerate and sweet, Cormack tops the charm charts. And he cooks and bakes!

Shandi Boyes writes a lovable tale featuring a quick-witted Harlow and a magnetic Cormack. With their sizzling chemistry and adorable romance, readers will not want to put this book down.

2. Jake Connelly from The Risk

Sporty Jake Connelly from The Risk is handsome, arrogant, and annoying… And did I say handsome? The Harvard star forward is Brenna Jensen’s chance to secure a coveted internship. But first, she has to make him her fake boyfriend.

The two begin as enemies, but their relationship blossoms. Jake and Brenna’s story is touching and swoon-worthy. Their witty banter, his attraction, her fiercely independent spirit, and a deep connection between them starts to sprout as they spend time together.

But they are from rival teams. Brenna’s dad is a head coach of the Briars, and Jake plays for Harvard. They still have a lot to figure out. Elle Kennedy gives us the perfect amount of wit, steam, and love to keep us hooked until the very end.

3. Miles Archer from Ugly Love

As a Colleen Hoover book boyfriend, you know he has to be fantastic. Miles Archer is an airline pilot who’s come to live in Tate Collin’s brother’s apartment. Their paths cross in the hallway, and their hearts cross soon after.

Miles is mysterious. Loving, sexy, smart, and sensitive. But he hides a lot of pain, pain that has stopped him from moving forward and loving again. His pain is palpable, and readers will empathize with him.

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover has an engaging plot and developed characters. It does everything right. Miles is book-boyfriend material, and nothing can stop you from falling head over heels for him. Be warned.

4. Brandon Swift from Tangled Up

Brandon Swift is a breath of fresh and sexy air in the land of Buttermilk Falls, NY. Running and jogging shirtless on the trails, womanizer Brandon is looking for nothing except a good time after his divorce. And there are plenty of women ready to soothe his broken heart.

Confident and witty, Brandon captures eyes. But it’s when we see his wholesome side that we fall head over heels in love with him! Like all the men on this list, he’s the total package.

Robyn Neeley delivers a magical romance in the second Bachelor of Buttermilk Falls book, Tangled Up. Be sure to check out Abby and Brandon’s hilarious courtship!

5. Jack Campbell from Tweet Cute

Jack Campbell is the class clown. He makes jokes. He pranks. No one takes him seriously. But he is handsome. And swoon-worthy. And good at everything. Tech, swimming, and cooking come naturally to him.

Jack and Pepper are indulged in a heated Twitter feud. It even goes viral. Despite the fighting, their connection is booming. Jack is sweet, considerate, and loving. And did I say he’s a good cook? How could Pepper resist?

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord is a wonderful book. Jack Campbell is even more wonderful. Be sure to check out this sweet read!

We hope you found some new book boyfriends to enjoy!