The Best Reading Accessories For Book Lovers Which Are Not Books

Bed with two pillows and a book on the foot of the bed, next to a lamp

You are a book lover. You love to read your book anywhere you possibly can. You carry it with you just in case.

“Oh, some bar hopping and drinks? Yeah, sure”
packs a book in the handbag.

Reading is a huge part of our lives. Accessories are the best ways to enhance it! Whether it is for your posture, your book’s health, or home decor, it’s worth the purchase.

The Book Seat- Book Holder and Travel Pillow

This is a seat for your book. How cute! The tiny little beanbag-like seat nestles a hardcover or paperback snugly and is hands-free wherever you put it. It can be molded as needed and is very easy to carry, weighing just 7.8 ounces.

It also doubles as a travel pillow for a car, plane, or bus ride. You can also use it to hold up your phone and tablet. Versatile, isn’t it? This is a must-have item with over 1,800 positive ratings on Amazon!

2. Wooden Book Lamp, Novel Folding Book Lamp Night Light

We all like bedside lamps. They bathe our room in a soft glow and create a soothing aesthetic. But as a bookworm, you’d never be satisfied with a mediocre and typical-looking lamp, would you? Presenting the Book Lamp.

This lamp looks like a literal book, with the opened pages emitting soft light (3-toned). Foldable up to 360° degrees, it uses a magnetic latch to hold the position and to switch it on or off. USB charging makes it an easy and practical option to carry. Use it as a desk lamp, portable light source, or reading lamp.

3. Yonor Heart Wooden Thumb Page Holder

Tired of using both of your hands to hold a book open? Then the Yonor Page Holder is perfect. It frees up one hand for whatever you like. Pastries? A glass of wine? Croissants? Sign us up!

This page holder comes in three sizes and two color options. It has over 300 reviews on Amazon and a rating of 4.3 out of 5. This is a must-have reading accessory if you get frustrated with flipping pages.

4. Bad Bananas Bookmarks Are For Quitters Mug

Cozy up with a mug of coffee, hot chocolate, or a generous helping of wine. This beautifully crafted mug says, “Bookmarks Are For Quitters,” in an elegant font. It is the perfect new addition to a growing mug collection!

Made with ceramic and decorated with non-toxic ink and colors, this mug is super durable. It is dishwasher and microwave safe and holds 15 ounces. With around 400 reviews and a brilliant 4.8 rating, this is a lovely and thoughtful gift for any book reader.

5. ZARYIEEO Blue Whale Bookmark with Pendant

Are you looking for an elegant and artisan gift for the sophisticated book reader in your life? Look no further. Help them keep track of their book with these super cute whale bookmarks from Zaryieeo.

The bookmark offers elaborate workmanship with intricate detail. Made with quality and durable material, the colors don’t fade easily. It comes in three distinct designs and has a rating of 4.5 overall.

6. Fandamei Neon Page Markers

Fandamei 960 Pieces Neon Page Markers 6 Sets Translucent Page Flags Fluorescent Index Tabs Sticky Notes Tabs with 12 cm Measurement for Page Marker

Is your book lover friend obsessed with getting down to the details? Do they often revisit the book’s most fascinating and emotional chapters? If so, you must buy this creative reading accessory.

These neon page markers are perfect for annotating your book with ease because of the translucent and easily writable design. It includes six sets of 80 pieces. The bright tabs will last long, giving your book a beautiful and colorful appearance. With over 400 reviews and 4.7 stars, you need these to show off your annotating skills.

We hope you found some cute accessories to enhance your reading experience!