Funny, Sexy, And Cute Rom Com Books To Finish In A Day

Old fashioned TV showered in pink light with Romantic Comedy on the screen in pink letters

Whatever your mood, there are a plethora of adorable romantic comedies to help you power through. Stressed? In love? Anxious? Elevate your vibe with an awe-inducing story.

You may even be able to finish some on this list in one day! Rom Coms are easy to read, filled with sugary goodness, and feature strong women and handsome men. Even the side characters are a treat to read.

Here are some sweet romantic read-in-a-day stories. Grab one of these Rom Com books to feel some wholesome love.

1. Sugarlips by Katana Collins

Speaking of a sweet fix, this is exactly that. Sugarlips features a bakery in Maple Grove, NH, and a delectable love story.

When Chloe Dyker catches her cheating fiancé, she needs sugar. Lucky for her, Liam Evans comes to the rescue with a mouth-watering box of cupcakes and donuts. She then agrees to help Liam fulfill his food truck dream, and their business relationship quickly grows.

Sparks fly. While Liam harbors a teenage crush, Chloe is afraid to risk their friendship. Will Liam’s food truck bring them closer together, or are business partners all they’re meant to be?

2. Never Fall for Your Back-up Guy by Kate O’Keeffe

British drama and an adorable Jack Russell puppy will be sure to charm in the first book of the It’s Complicated series.

Nearing 30, Zara Huntington-Ross wants to settle down. All her relationships have been surface-level so far, but she’s determined to find a meaningful connection. Anxious and afraid of being alone, Zara proposes a backup plan: if she and her best friend Asher are unattached at 35, they’ll marry each other.

But what happens when Zara decorates Asher’s new apartment and realizes there is more to this sweet and funny guy? Is the backup husband the love of her life?

The incentive to read: that adorably cute puppy and his antics! So cute!

3. The Studying Hours by Sara Ney

Who doesn’t love a romance where the man falls first? This is exactly what happens in the first book of the How to Date a Douchebag series with a sporty twist.

Jameson Clark is a conservative, studious, and sassy-mouthed girl who spends her free time agonizing over notes in the library. Sebastian ‘Oz’ Osborne is an arrogant and cocky wrestler more concerned with his next match than his chemistry final. However, he needs to maintain his GPA to keep his scholarship.

What started as studying together soon develops into mutual attraction. Oz is tempted by Jameson’s quick wit, and James sees how sweet and considerate Oz can be. Will their library dates turn into something more?

4. The Ticket by Heather Grace Stewart

Newscaster Peter McCartney is at a crossroads. After he and his girlfriend break up, their planned luxury vacation is off. But he already bought the tickets, and he’s determined to go. The only problem? The reservations are only redeemable by an Allison James and a Peter McCartney.

Desperate to save the vacation (and his money), Peter scours social media for any Allison James in the United States willing to travel the world with a stranger. Rather than refunding the ticket, he seeks adventure with a newly divorced strong-headed lawyer.

As they get to know each other and explore these beautiful places, attraction grows. But with Peter’s broadcast fame and Allie’s reservations, can their love evolve?

This story is full of fun and sass. Don’t miss it!

5. Island Hopping by Ann Omasta

Take a trip to the beautiful, exotic, and heavenly Antigua Island in this sweet and twisty romantic comedy. Slip off your shoes, relax, and relish in Ann Omasta’s beachy imagination.

Lizzie is devastated after an event at her best friend Roxy’s wedding has them on the outs. Desperate to make amends, she organizes Roxy’s little sister’s television wedding. Local slacker Shay Sanders charms Lizzie, but can she move past her insecurities and past-paced life for reconciliation and love?

This delightful story is the perfect book for a beach day. We recommend!

We hope you found a new Rom Com book to add to your TBR!