Top Modern-Day Retellings For Fans Of Beauty And The Beast

Fairytales are the gateway into a lifelong reader’s journey.

These stories are filled with magic, fairies, princes and princesses, castles, and kingdoms. What’s not to love? They are a staple in everyone’s childhood.

Most fairytales are set in the past and have clearly defined evil and virtuous characters. These “good” individuals go through a sympathetic struggle that finally culminates in a “happily ever after.”

Belle from Beauty and The Beast reading a book on stage

Some of the most popular fairytales of our times are Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. Today, we’ll focus on a tale as old as time-Beauty and the Beast. Let’s get on the magical (and steamy) wagon!

1. Beauty and the Professor by Skye Warren

A collection of four novellas, this sensual retelling of the classic fairytale contains off-the-charts chemistry. Erin, trying to save money, works as the ex-Marine Blake’s housemaid.

Although they try to keep their attraction tamed, it all comes crashing down when Erin hears Blake passionately calling out her name. To make matters worse, Blake is appointed as a professor in one of Erin’s classes.

Can these two keep their relationship professional? Or are they meant to be? Read to find out!

2. Midnight with the Devil by Emma Castle

If you’re looking for Beauty and the Beast meets Lucifer, look no further. Midnight with the Devil is the perfect story for dark romance enthusiasts.

Diana needs to save her dad, and Lucien needs a pure soul to keep the gates of Hell closed. An idea is proposed. To save her father, Diana agrees to submit to the devil every Friday night.

Lucien and Diana’s experience satisfying self-discovery. She starts to see him for what he once was- an Angel- and he starts to develop feelings for the pure girl he was supposed to corrupt. Can they defy Hell and Heaven to be together?

3. Bellamy and the Brute by Alicia Michaels

A unique take on the classic fairytale, Alicia Michaels writes a modern retelling with a murderous twist. Bellamy is a young girl who comes to help the Baldwin family as a babysitter. The only condition is that she must stay away from the 3rd floor.

The Baldwins are drenched with rumors. Tate, the crippled and hidden son, whispering voices, and spooky nights surround the family.

What will happen when Bellamy learns the truth about Tate? Bellamy and the Brute is a gripping read full of suspense.

4. Beauty and the Geek by Sidney Bristol

Sidney Bristol’s book follows the life of Stephan and Tamara. Stephan is a struggling-with-love professor. Insecure and unappealing, the academic has never had luck with dating.

Tamara is a Korean woman in a predominantly male industry- video gaming. She’s been name called and belittled. And her love life isn’t any better. Everyone wants a “hot Asian girlfriend,” but no one wants to know the real her.

These two lonely people connect over an anonymous web chat, and their bond expands. But can their relationship survive in real life?

5. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

The TikTok favorite. The bookstagram rage. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas could not be any more popular. The series has a whole has gained incredible online attention, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

Although not a typical retelling, the first book maintains similar themes to Beauty and the Beast. The story follows Feyre, who is held captive in a magical land after killing a faerie when on a hunt.

From there starts the saga of love, mortality, and war. The book is set to be adapted as a series by Hulu.

We hope you enjoyed our Beauty and the Beast retelling recommendations!