Have You Read These Bookstagram Recommended Trending Books Yet?

Looking down an aisle in a bookstore between two bookshelves with many new releases on both sides and more books on another bookshelf at the end of the aisle

Social media has become the way through which people share their thoughts, opinions, and media that they like or dislike. It is like a web of information from where one can find anything and everything. Be it for cooking, music, painting, books, or even law-related information – it’s all available on the mighty internet and … Read more

The Best Book Reading Apps To Use If You Don’t Have An E-Reader

Animated picture of a woman reading a book while sitting on a stack of books next to a enlarged smart phone image referencing an e-library

Ever want to devour a book but don’t want to hold a hefty hardcover? Fear not, fellow readers. We are here to help! Smartphones can be used to read any book you like anywhere you go! Download your favorite books in your reading app, and dive into unforgettable stories. Below are our favorite reading apps! … Read more

Fantastic Book Box Sets To Binge Read When You Have The Time

Stacks of books in random groupings either on their back cover or on their spine with only page edges showing

People absolutely love to binge-watch their favorite TV show in one sitting on Netflix and Amazon Prime, staying up all night and maybe even into the wee hours of the morning. But similarly, bibliophiles love a chance to get their hands on some binge-reading material themselves. Book box sets are made for binge-reading. Like a … Read more

A List of Books About Bookstores: The Best of Both Worlds

Bookshelves in a bookstore filled with colorful books

Bookstores is a bibliophile’s dream. The enchanting aroma of new and old paper-bound stories fills the space. Paperbacks, hardcovers, signed copies, beloved second or third hands… There’s no fragrance better. There are plenty of bookshops worldwide. Each holds precious memories of its patrons and booksellers. The hidden nooks and corners, the categorized sections, the friendly … Read more

Authors Like Sophie Kinsella Who Will Make You Laugh And Love

Picture of Sophie Kinsella

If you’ve ever been a fan of romantic comedy books, you surely have heard of Sophie Kinsella. Writer of the bestseller Shopaholic series, Sophie is a pen name. Her real name is Madeleine Sophie Wickham. She has written under this name as well. As an English author, Sophie initially studied music at New College, Oxford. … Read more

Funny, Sexy, And Cute Rom Com Books To Finish In A Day

Old fashioned TV showered in pink light with Romantic Comedy on the screen in pink letters

Whatever your mood, there are a plethora of adorable romantic comedies to help you power through. Stressed? In love? Anxious? Elevate your vibe with an awe-inducing story. You may even be able to finish some on this list in one day! Rom Coms are easy to read, filled with sugary goodness, and feature strong women … Read more

Part 2 Of The Best Book Boyfriends List Is Here!

Boyfriend and girlfriend laying on the grass facing each other and kissing while holding a book in front of their faces

We all make bad boyfriend-related decisions. I sure have. But when it comes to a book boyfriend, you have nothing to worry about. These fictional men are mostly written by female authors. They are the perfect combination of sexy and sweet. Book boyfriends complete our lives in a way real boyfriends sometimes can’t. We don’t … Read more

Best Historical Romance Novels To Take A Sneak Peak In The Past

Stack of historical books next to a lit candle on a wooden table, all covered with rose petals

As the name suggests, historical romances take place in the past. The dialects, vocabulary, customs, and traditions can transport us back to 1800s London or World War Two America. Some novels may be loosely based on celebrities. Others are complete works of fiction. The genre first seems to have emerged through Walter Scott’s writing. Many … Read more

The Ultimate Book Boyfriend List To Love And Swoon Over

Boyfriend and girlfriend in a library hiding a kiss behind a book they are holding in front of their faces

Every reader loves a good book boyfriend. In recent times, there has been an insurgency of hot, likable, and swoon-worthy fictional men we can’t help but love. Book boyfriends refer to the male lead in books whom we imagine to be our imaginary boyfriends. They are usually insanely hot, rich, and dominant. They are the … Read more