Wonderful New Romance Books You Definitely Need To Try

Romance is a beloved genre. These books usually end in the most adorable happily ever after and leave readers aching for more.

Stack of romance books with heart shaped bookmarks

With the surge of eBooks and self-publishing, more and more novels are being released. Many of them revolve around romantic love. Here are some new romance book standouts!

1. Something Wilder by Christina Lauren

Unresolved feelings take center stage in this romance book by the beloved author duo Christina Lauren. Lily is struggling to make ends meet by using her absentee father’s marked maps as treasure hunts for Utah tourists. But she years for more.

One day, Leo and his friends come into Lily’s work. The two have a history, and while he wants to reconcile, Lily does not. Fate has other ideas, and soon they are thrown headfirst into a treasure hunt adventure. Can they work together to find it?

2. A Brush with Love by Mazey Eddings

Harper doesn’t want anything distracting her from reaching a top placement in her oral residency program. Not even the cute Dan, a first-year dental student with no passion for pulling teeth.

They decide to be just friends. That doesn’t stop the addicting tension, however. Dan is willing to play by Harper’s rules, but Harper fears her carefully constructed future will crumble if they admit their feelings. Will they fall in love or crumble under the weight of an impending future?

3. Count Your Lucky Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur

Fate intervenes to bring two loveless souls together in this wonderful Alexandria Bellefleur romance. Margot feels like a fifth wheel. All of her friends have found long-lasting love, and she remains lonely and single. But on a tour of a wedding venue, she comes face to face with an old flame.

Olivia’s life hasn’t gone the way she planned since she last saw Margot. When circumstances throw them together again, can they rebuild what they once had?

4. Things We Never Got Over by Ella Score

Naomi’s life has left her feeling harried at every turn. Jobless, homeless, and single, her long-lost niece is now in her care.

Knox has watched Naomi’s life implode. Although he’s a loner and prefers to avoid drama, he wants to help Naomi stay away from trouble. But given her track record, can she?

P.S. How pretty is that cover?!

5. Dating Dr. Dil by Nisha Sharma

What happens when a hopeless romantic and a love-phobic man get into an argument? They part ways and hope to never see each other ever again. However, this proves difficult when the fight is recorded, and the guy is the host of the viral Dr. Dil Show.

Kareena strikes a deal with her father. If she can find a soulmate by the end of her sister’s engagement party, he will not sell her mother’s house. But after the video, this seems unlikely. Can she find love and save her mom’s legacy?

We hope you found some new romance books to add to your TBR!