Fall In Love With The Best Romance Book To Movie Adaptations

Bookshelves with a person's hand grabbing one of the Fifty Shades trilogy books in the foreground

People love romance novels. They are sometimes fun. They are sometimes dark. But not everyone likes to read! Movies offer a convenient and less time-consuming story. Even though they don’t include a detailed account of the book’s plot, they cover the basics and produce the same gooey feelings. Many movie adaptations are written by the … Read more

These Popular TV Series Are Based On Books, Which Ones Have You Seen?

Animated picture of a couple reading books in front of a TV

We are back with another pages-to-screen list! Today we’ll be looking at books made into popular and long-running TV series. Multi-episode book adaptions give in-depth details to a beloved story in a way that a two-hour movie cannot. However, a TV series requires popularity and stellar ratings to keep it going. There are also times … Read more

The Best Book To Movie Adaptations That Are Definitely Worth Watching

Book to movie adaptations? A long-standing turf in the reader community is based on this. Are books better than their movie adaptations, or is it the other way around? While some would say they prefer books because it gives them the flexibility to imagine, visualize and get in-depth details about a story, others prefer movies … Read more